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About Wellstone International

At Wellstone International High School, our international and multilingual learners will achieve academic, personal, and professional success while becoming advocates for themselves and others.

photo of Kopp hall with wellstone sign

1501 Hennepin Avenue
3rd Floor Kopp Hall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Phone: 612-659-6166
Fax: 612-668-5140

Ages 17-23 in Grades: 9-12

Principal Dr. Isabel Rodriguez

Attendance Line: 
Call: 612-659-6175
Text/WhatsApp: 612-223-4789

Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

⏰ Daily Schedule

Conveniently co-located with Minneapolis College in downtown Minneapolis, Wellstone International provides English language learning along with a comprehensive high school curriculum of science, math, social studies, health and physical education.

Students come from a broad array of countries and speak a variety of languages, assets they use to critically analyze and respond to local and global issues while enhancing awareness of self and others. Wellstone ensures students have access to a quality education that prepares them for post-secondary education opportunities, college, career, and full participation in a democratic society.

Wellstone International High School (WIHS) provides an equitable education for English Learners (ELs) by meeting academic and social-emotional needs. WIHS builds on the assets and experiences of ELs’ multilingualism and multiculturalism.

Students are expected to critically analyze and respond to local and global issues while enhancing awareness of self and others. Academic standards, research-based support systems and experiential learning come together to produce a rich academic setting. Advanced coursework includes college courses and opportunities for students to prepare for post-secondary options.  WIHS utilizes and promotes collaboration and community engagement through enhanced community partnerships.


student artwork of a lion with red, yellow and green stripes behind it with 6 white stars over the top

At a Glance

  • Students must qualify as English Learners to attend 
  • Accelerated support for English learners and students new to our country 
  • Innovative English and content instruction for students 17-21
  • Special education services
  • Early/Middle College Program for developmental and college credit in partnership with Minneapolis College Concurrent Enrollment courses for college credit 
  • After-school activities include academics, leadership and social and emotional skill-building through Community Ed programming at FAIR School. 
  • Athletic opportunities in partnership with partner high school and after-school

Transportation: High School Go-To Pass


Wellstone International High School started at the beginning of the 2001 school year. At that time it was called ICALL (International Center for Accelerated Language Learning).

Some important milestones are:

1. In early June 2003 two students graduated, but the diplomas were issued in the name of their home high school.

2.  The school board approved the name change to Wellstone International High School in mid-June of 2003.

3. In September of 2003 there was a big name changing ceremony with the superintendent, mayor, legislators, and many others in attendance.

4. By June 2004 Wellstone was accredited, had a full graduation class and could issue diplomas in the name of Wellstone International High School.  


1.     Lehmann Center  (1006 West Lake Street) 2001 – 2008

2.     Roosevelt High School Co-Location (4029 28th Avenue South) 2008 – 2015

3.     Wilder Complex (3328 Elliot Avenue South) 2015 - 2021

4.     FAIR Building  (10 South 10th Street) 2021-2022

5. Kopp Hall at Minneapolis College (1501 Hennepin Avenue) 2022 - Present

Early school picture   --  This picture was taken back when the school was still called ICALL.